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Iain Row
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We scan venues, houses, holiday lets and other high-quality spaces in 3D, to create photo-quality VR walkthroughs that can go onto any website. People on the other side of the world can experience 'being there' in just a few seconds. 

About Iain Row

I started my first business, Prominent Media, in 2000, while I was a trainee software developer at the Open University. I left the Open University to run Prominent Media full-time in 2004 and now, many years later, we have grown to be an effective team of web software developers, with a great track record in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

In 2016 I saw that VR was moving in the same direction as the web in the early days: whereas once a website was seen as an optional extra, it is now inconceivable that a business would not have a website. In the same way, I could see that venues would soon need VR walkthroughs as a standard part of their online offering. I invested in the best available technology and formed Visual Realms to offer a high-end service to the UK.