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  • Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers
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Swinton Accountants was born out of our desire to become much more than your accountant, to our customers we are key advisors and trusted business partners, as well as being chartered accountants and registered auditors.

Our packages provide fixed fees, yet you can access unlimited meetings and phone support as often as you like. We encourage this,and don’t worry, there is no risk of an unexpected invoice.

By working with you closely we can use the information gained to actually help you grow your business. We have business development programs for you to participate in, as well as extremely powerful analysis tools which can identify opportunities and spot difficulties early on. This means your business has the full picture and can react to situations in real time as they happen.

We use the latest technology to provide you with accurate business information in a format that suits you (not the accountants). Most importantly we use our ears to listen to you, your opportunities and your challenges. Our knowledge and expertise will help to make sure your business thrives.

We promise to:

  • Never surprise you with bills you’re not expecting
  • Provide a friendly, courteous and efficient service
  • Always exceed your expectations
  • Listen to what YOU are saying
  • Communicate with you quickly and fully
  • Advise you on how to pay the least amount of tax payable (legally)
  • Provide hands-on business advice without accountants’ jargon

We think of ourselves far more as business advisors than accountants. Accountancy gives us the tools to deliver everything you would expect your accountants to do.

However we can really start to help your business when you share your business challenges with us. We can then use our accountancy skills to delivering real business benefits when this is combined with our network of like minded business professionals we have a truly strong offering.

Working in partnership with yourselves we can help you reach your business goals quicker and using our range of accountancy technique we can monitor our progress every step of the way to ensure the goals are reached.

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