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Mark Godfrey
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Flow Exchange provides innovative sales and marketing solutions particularly for technology equipment and Software as a Service (SaaS) companies.  Our goal is to help bring people and technology together.  Exchanging idea’s, needs and solutions for the mutual benefit of technology providers and their users.

We use the very latest cutting edge automated marketing technology to generate leads for your sales team to close.  This is so much more than a classic email blast.  Leads are nurtured, the content of emails and landing pages can be dynamically personalised to your individual buyer's online journey based on their behaviours and interaction with your brand.  Marketing is a moving target.  Many traditional marketing activities have been superseded by digital marketing technology and automated marketing.  At Flow Exchange, we can provide the very latest in Digital and Automated marketing that delivers results for our clients.  This used to only be available to big corporations who had the teams and budgets to manage multiple software platforms and systems.  Today, this is available to the Small and Medium business enterprises in a single platform.  Lead generation has never been so easy.  Prospects can quite literally be nurtured while you sleep or at least do something else more productive.

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR will come into effect 25 May 2018.  Its impact will touch just about every small, medium and large business in the UK alike.  Looking at it purely as a marketer, your; website, App, email marketing system and contact database are impacted.  Please talk to us for an initial discussion about GDPR and what changes you will need to make by 25 May 2018.

Based on real-world management and hands-on expertise, Flow Exchange draws upon s 30+ years unique technical, sales and marketing experience to create a fresh approach to outsourced marketing and sales empowerment for technology product and service companies seeking to grow leads, sales and profits.

About Mark Godfrey

Born and bred in Gt.Yarmouth and following an old-fashioned apprenticeship in Industrial Measurement and Control, I woke up at 27 and found myself as a flow measurement specialist in the Oil and Gas industry. It was then that I set up my very first plan, to be considered a technical consultant in my profession by the age of 40.  Through that planning exercise......and my fair share of Luck and meeting the right people, I achieved that ambition/goal by age 32.  By then my personal talents for the ability to think on my feet and talk with confidence, saw opportunities in Sales and Marketing of related technical products come my way which I have exploited ever since.  I have had the privilege of travelling throughout most of the world and have lived in both mainland Europe and the USA reaching the dizzy heights of Director and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing in several technology-based organisations.  I returned to the UK in 2016 and set up Flow Exchange as a specialist Marketing and Sales consultancy for technology products embracing all forms of digital and automated marketing to generate qualified sales leads for my client's growth and profit.  However, I have never forgotten that without a plan, message, goals and measurements, you are relying on luck!

I'm now also the 4N Marketing Co-ordinator for the Norwich area Groups