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Hi fellow 4Nner!! 

We are a Vehicle and Credit Broker with at any one time over nineteen thousand fantastic deals on New Vehicles delivered Direct to your door right across the UK. Have a look at our Facebook Page for more one-offs and finance company tactical bargains. 

Why deal with us? Quick, easy, transparent and a breath of fresh air. We've got access to prices you couldn't imagine, then pair that with a panel of around 19 finance companies, (not just the lonely one a dealer ties up with) and we can put together a profile that is perfect for you.

We are here to help private customers, sole traders, new business startups and fleet operators. Our prices sell themselves and we offer a huge range of finance options from leasing and contract hire to personal leasing and purchase. We put in the hard work to help you find just the right one. ( Subject to status of course )

Call me on this number 0800 999 5775   7 days a week and you'll be my personal VIP ! 

John O'Neill

Managing Director


About John O'Neill


I'm known as the happy chap, or Fluffy Bunny depending on who you talk to. Don't ask!! :) 

I guess it comes from being eternally happy and full of energy, maybe they dont see the shattered me after another 20 hour day but I love what I do and the people I help so you'll never hear me complaining. 

I've been lucky enough to have a broad background, travelled a lot and set up a life and businesses in Brazil where my long suffering wife Emily ( 32 years now ! ) and I lived  for nearly a decade before returning to our roots here in Wales. Many years looking after motor dealerships in the 90's led me to open up New Vehicles Direct.  Its a different way, non-pushy, friendly and I'm happy to say people have actually said its been fun. Surely that goes against all common logic that dictates you go to a motor dealership in your Challenger tank ready for a fight? 

And why shouldnt it be fun?  If you know the person you are dealing with as all the prices laid out, you know dealers can't get anywhere near those prices and your pals have used them, then you can relax and be a kiddy in a sweet shop. I get a huge personal buzz out of making it happen as just this once it might be the amazing treat that person has spent years promising themselves. 

We deal nationally and I'm very proud to say a substantial percentage of our business is from repeat, recommendation and referrals from with my networking circles. These don't come from ramming cars and vans down peoples throats, but from the fact I like to be a facilitator, making introductions where I feel it will make a positive contribution and along the line somewhere people remember it was smiley me who did it. What goes around comes around. 

If you are looking to do business in an area you aren't familiar with, need some recommendations or contacts to help you, then do get in contact and let me know, I'll be more than happy to help in any way I can.