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Roger Greasby
Born in a Barn Studio

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Born in a Barn Studio is an established recording studio set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, situated on a farm and close to 3 major motorways. I have been working with bands & singers mainly since 2004.  The studio comprises 7 rooms with accommodation if needed and there is a dedicated green screen filming room.

BB Studio has developed it's own brand since 2010 called Pop Star Party - recording experience parties for kids mainly, but also for adults such as stag or hen parties, corporate days or family anniversaries.

Almost anything is possible and my biggest claim to working with fame was when Tinie Tempah visited the studio.




About Roger Greasby

I'm a dad & a husband & a brother & a son!!

Interests include sub aqua diving, mountain walking, space centres and international holidays  I collect a variety of things like unusual instruments for the studio and big rocks from around the world making my home driveway quite unusual.

Being creative is a never ending passion and I make art in whatever ways I can.

On top of this I run my small business as a sole proprietor and have enjoyed doing this since 2004.  The main area of focus in the business is sound recording and music production, but I also make videos for a variety of requirements such as product placement, music videos, holiday videos, portfolio descriptions, business premises showcases and many more interesting fields.  

I have developed my own brand, Pop Star Party. Recording experience parties where groups of kids (or adults) will record their fave songs, have a photoshoot and make a music video as well as enjoying a laser disco in the studio.  I put on a buffet and the party pals can use our dressing up hats, glasses, wigs & masks as well as buy temporary tattoos and framed pictures - and I'm always developing new ideas according to what's happening in the industry, like doing a mannequin challenge etc..

I have a lot of hats.