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Stephen McCafferty
Lead2Gold Limited

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Lead2Gold Mission

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo
We change conventional thinking using alternative strategies - ones that have already delivered astounding results

Small business owners deserve the best marketing and sales - without them life is unnecessarily hard
Those flexible and keen to grow are perfectly positioned to reap the maximum rewards

We challenge the status quo by finding, developing and applying alternative strategies and skills

We have hundreds of strategies that already delivered amazing results
- so good you'll rethink your aspirations

We teach unique sales skills that ethically win business - skills perfected over 24 years, combined with powerful psychology techniques

Importantly, we ensure everything we do is FUN to learn and EASY to apply

We provide strategic and educational services to small businesses and startups

Want to learn more - call (07803 044 033) or email Steve - or request a free consultation via


How High Will You Fly?

Imagine Life Once Your Income Triples

Lead2Gold was created to forge together 24yrs very successful sales experience*, 36yrs psychology experience/practice and 7 year research into examples where strategies generated large (>50%) revenue improvements. The research is captured in the 'Successful Strategies Database' (c.800 examples).

Processes were created to identify and apply the best strategies for each client - to deliver similar or better results to the 50%+ income improvements the strategies have delivered already.

You really can triple you income - we have many examples that prove it


4N Entrepreneurs

Although able to help any organisation, Steve is keen to work with the 4N community.


  • Because his move from the corporate world was fueled by a wish to work with entrepreneurs
    - more exciting individuals: ones willing to take the risk of starting a business.
  • Steve relishes seeing the very personal impact that improving business income makes for owners
    - not simply adding to the bottom line of a large corporation.
  • He loves helping others so will share professional sales skills (normally exclusive to the highest level sales professionals) with 4N members.
    He will run these for 4N passport members only - email with the Subject starting with "Event: ".


* Founder's Successful Sales Career
Contracts won ranged from a few thousand to £1 billion each (two delivered £1.5bn over 4 years).
The highest order volumes were £100k-£1m, many valued between £1-18 million and a few at either £500 million or £1 billion.
Over 24 years, the average contract value won was £328m p.a.!!


About Stephen McCafferty

Lead2Gold founder Steve McCafferty spent 36 successful years in the corporate world - the final 24 years in high-value technology sales. Spread across those 24 years, contracts he won or helped win averaged £223m p.a.

In parallel, he continually broadened his knowledge of psychology (sparked in his spare time at 21 as he completed his Computer Science Degree).

Knowing he wanted to move away from the corporate world, he spent years researching and creating the foundations on which Lead2Gold is based: to deliver a laser-like focus on income and profit growth strategies for its clients.  Coupling those strategies with the application of methods (proven in other industries) within a client's industry, the results can be so dramatic that to others it seems the client is able to create gold from nothing (hence basing the company name on an alchemy theme).

No descriptive term existed for what Lead2Gold offers, so it defined one: "Reverse Imagineering".
A description of why this was chosen in on the website.

Although these strategies have been proven to work in any sized organisation, the founder wanted to work in with SMEs and smaller corporates - to avoid the red-tape, lack of definitive decision making and petty-politics endemic to large corporations. The impact is more tangible and personal (not just adding to corporate band balance), and small companies have a greater capacity to enjoy the success as it arrives.