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I am a customer service strategy consultant, coach and mentor. I support business owners and entrepreneurs to nail down their customer service strategy so that they are a s profitable as possible and so that they deliver excellent customer experiences every single day!

I spent my twenties climbing the ladder in a corporate marketing career in Burroughs/Unisys in the UK, Australia and Europe. It is from these working experiences that I know how customer service strategy does and does not work. I have an excellent understanding of the relationships between excellent customer experiences and profitable business and will support you in developing effective ways of serving your customers profitably.

Since 1999 I have built two £multi million businesses, a boutique hotel and an international chain of beauty salons. 

In 2017, I am running a 2017 Mastermind starting at the end of February. It is limited to a maximum 12 people in the Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex region. The mastermind is designed for “bricks and mortar” business owners, not for everyone. Running a bricks and mortar business presents challenges and unique opportunities in our increasing digital world.

If you would like to find out more about my 2017 Mastermind, to see if it would support you on growing your business then click here. Discover how your can grow your offline business in an ever increasing online world.

About Adrian Brown

Father of two, married to Wendy who has 3 children, Adrian has a life balance that includes his family, friends colleagues, clients, health, his love of food and wine, all things hospitality and an amazing appetite for daily adventure and sailing. In my spare time I have mentored entrepreneurs for the Mowgli Foundation and raised funds for Youth at Risk.

I am also an Elite Coach for Shaa Wasmund on both her "Make Money Online" and "How to Write a Best Seller" courses

My passion is supporting Bricks and Mortar businesses thrive in an increasingly digital world by leveraging their one clear advantage