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About Debs Bamford

I help parents and teachers communicate better with teenagers by utilising strategies, techniques and language patterns.

Are you a parent or teacher with teenagers who have emotional and/or behavioural needs or have a lack of self belief, self esteem and self confidence?

Do you feel overwhelmed by their hormonal changes and balancing the rest of your commitments as there is a lack of support from school, family or the NHS?

Or has there been a breakdown in the family environment leading to communication issues, different parenting techniques, loss of interest in school?

Would you:
+ Love to have resilient teenagers? 
+ Prefer a calmer household/classroom?
+ Want consistency between school and all involved adults?
+ Be thrilled if there was no complicated paperwork, long delays in response times and limits to availability?

The techniques I utilise with parents, teachers and teenagers are mega easy to pick up and can be used straight away. When communication channels are restored, then home and school can be a happier place for everyone.

If you like being part of a community of parents or know someone who would, then join the ‘Survive The Tweens and Teenage Years for Parents’ group: 

What’s stopping you from taking action?

Drop me a message if you have any questions.