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At the age of 13 I was asked 'what do you want to do when you leave school' - My answer wasn't what my parents wanted to hear.

7 years later I graduated with an Environmental Science Degree and ended up 12 years in the Pharaceutical Industry - This hadn't been on that original list!

2 children and 2 redundancies later, I was offered a no cash outlay opportunity to get into Direct sales and a sector I knew nothing about. At this point I had a few choices but the no cash outlay business which appealed to me, happened to be a consumable, giftable product that looked to be the best in its category. There were career progression opportunities if I wanted to do that, and it wasn't just a 'hobby job'. - So I chose it! -  I became a Home Fragrance Adviser for Partylite.

In over 10 years I have learnt a lot about Home Fragrance, fragranced products both with flames and without, but more importantly customer service, finding out peoples needs, desires and wants and offering solutions and ideas.  I am working with other self employed consultants, helping to develop their skills and knowledge and lead them in the direction they wish to go. I am in my own business but certainly not on my own in this business as I have support from upline, business development managers and a global team of marketers, manufacturers and the like, I know there are no limits.

So what about that other job I wanted to do???  I fulfilled my dream of doing it, but on a part time basis over the past 19 years, fitting around my jobs, my family and my Partylite business. Today I spend just 4 or 5 days a month on that business as I couldn't live without it, compared to my more 'full on' Partylite business,  meaning I have total job satisfaction in both businesses and variety to ensure my clients and customers for both are fully satisfied! ;-)

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