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Are you putting off dealing with an HR issue because you're not sure what to do? 

Is managing people harder than you thought it would be?

Wondering how you will find and develop the people you need to meet business challenges in the next 2-5 years?

Considering some big changes for your business and want to help your team make the journey with you?

HR Consultant for small businesses in the East Midlands and beyond.

Specialising in:

* HR Strategy
* Leadership Mentoring and Training
* Conflict mediation
* Change Management
* Attendance and Performance Management
* HR contracts, policies and audits
* Restructures
* Coaching for new managers

Call me on 0790 290 3086, email or see my website at for more details.

About Marion Parrish

I have over 20 years experience in HR and training, and have worked at strategic and operational levels with organisations in the public, private and third sectors in the fiercely commercial worlds of retail, telecommunications, construction, financial services, and service industries such as healthcare and tourism.  

My passion is helping leaders and managers understand how to get the best from their employees, by teaching them how to be the kind of boss that talented employees never want to leave.

No dithering, no HR waffle, no fuss. Just clear, practical, down-to-earth and straightforward solutions.

You can find out more on my website at or contact me on 0790 2903086