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Joshua Abbas
Fortis Corporate Lending Ltd

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Trading since 2008, FORTIS CORPORATE LENDING was born out of one of the largest independent UK leasing providers in the market CF Capital PLC.

We saw a need for businesses to access funding, which they were finding increasingly difficult to access through traditional lending channels, and that we could not already provide through leasing options at CF.

FORTIS are passionate about UK businesses and want to help them to achieve their full potential through our expert knowledge and full market representation to reach their business aspirations and goals.  We work alongside our clients, getting to know them as individuals and as the Businesses that they run, in order to provide them with tailored lending products to suit their individual situations.

85% of our customers come back to us, due to our unrivalled service and fast decisions, which we think shows we know what we are doing and that they trust us to continue serving their best interests.

If you are in regular contact with Businesses seeking funding or finance options, please reach out to our representatives at the various 4N events throughout the year.

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