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As a business coach my focus is on helping business owners to achieve their business goals and personal aspirations. All businesses need a Clear Target and that is always my starting point, understanding what they are trying to achieve. Success means different things to different people, once we know what success looks like, I help business owners on the long and winding road to achieving that success. Sounds simple? It is often is. It's neither rocket science nor black magic; it's mainly down to having the combination of experience, objectivity and problem-solving ability that can provide the straightforward advice required to help frustrated business owners see the wood from the trees and find ways to break though their barriers to success. Give me a call on 07768 611986 and I'd be delighted to explain how I work over a coffee. 

About Simon Monaghan

As a proud Yorkshireman who was born in Leeds, I'm delighted to back in my original home town after spending the previous 25 years in management positions elsewhere. After 4 years at university, my working life commenced with a 17 year stint in the Royal Hong Kong Police before I returned to the UK in 2006 and, armed with an MBA, joined my family business in Ossett where I eventually became Chairman / Group MD. I started my career as a business coach and management trainer in 2012 and I absolutely love helping SME business owners to solve their problems and achieve their goals.