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Sue Still
Utility Warehouse

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14th Aug 2018
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20th Apr 2017
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• Create the opportunity to save money on bills
• Give cash back on petrol and shopping
• Offer award winning UK customer service
• Create extra income
• Offer flexible working hours with great training and support
About Utility Warehouse
Are you looking to escape the rat-race? If you’re bored with the drudgery of Groundhog Day, doing the same thing day-in day-out… If you’re stressed and worried about the future - maybe your pension isn’t what it could be - there is another way! If you’re looking for a risk-free, recession proof career, that will give you options and create choices to let you make the future you want for yourself and for your family - there is another way!
Utility Warehouse gives you the training and support to build your own business. It also gives you a rock-solid, trustworthy enterprise that is both award winning and used by over 650,000 people. Let me tell you more…
About Sue Still
About Me
I am not a salesperson. I don’t sell. But I do help people. I’ve seen Utility Warehouse change people's lives. On the one hand we save people money on their bills but also I’ve watched people blossom with my help and support, as they grow their own businesses and grow in their own confidence.
I feel proud and passionate about the work that I do, and seeing it make a difference to other people’s lives is both rewarding and humbling. I came out of a fairly faceless corporate world, where I wasn’t recognised or appreciated, where stress was part of my every day life to the point that, as a senior manager, I faced a suspected heart-attack on my 40th birthday. It was right there, right then that I knew that this was my life and I had to live it! There HAD to be a different way.
Today, I get paid when I’m sick, when I’m lying on the beach, when I’m spending time with my friends and family. Utility Warehouse gives me time to do the things that are important to me - to work with charities and give something back to my community.
If you are looking for a realistic alternative to the rat-race, come and talk to me. Never get so caught up in making a living that you forget to make a life.