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Stephen is passionate about helping businesses to grow and become more successful by sourcing the right funding for them. With over 30 years’ business and commerce experience he can help you unlock the cash available to your business and assist your company to grow at an accelerated rate.

Funding Nav will help you to create more leeway and efficiency within your business, so you are able to expand and become more effective. We can then look externally to source funding, help you to claim money back from the government, and ensure that you pay less tax. 

Do you identify with any of these challenges within your organisation? 

● Need more cash to invest in new projects but have been turned down by existing lenders​

● Pay too much company tax and would like to pay less​

● Unexpected opportunity could revolutionise your business but you need funds now to take advantage of it.​

● Need cash to pay large VAT or corporation tax bill​

● Your business is growing quickly and you need to raise funds through selling equity however you need some cash to tide you over until the new money arrives​

By taking a holistic approach and linking efficiencies, reclaiming overpaid tax and unsecured lending we can: 

● Achieve 100% success rate in getting through R&D tax claims we make. So, we guarantee to get your money within 12 weeks​

● Take a very entrepreneurial view of businesses issues and opportunities in order to deliver 
cash required in the shortest possible time. ​

● Sense check businesses plans to ensure most efficient funding structure is put in place.​

● Work closely with great partners so together we are the largest R&D claimant in the U.K. and
have the broadest lending panel 

Want to find out more? 

I will be pleased to offer a 10 minute exploratory conversation where I can offer my expertise. Please do message me or call 07768 111234 or why not drop me an email to

About stephen sacks

My new book Reboot Your Business will be published by Compass on May 1st

‘Reboot Your Business - A step-by-step guide to reinvent your business for maximum growth’ by Stephen Sacks


Reboot Your Business is written in three sections. The first challenges the SME business owner to consider their venture through the lens of the enormous change that is impacting us all today as progress gets faster and mediocrity gets left behind. The second is a guide to how to raise cash in order to execute a new plan and especially sources of FREE funding. The final section is a week by week programme aimed at making incremental improvements to the readers business. Readers will also have access to a set of exclusive online tools. 
Generally, in life, if you start out at something like a sport, for example, you practise a lot, improve and get more competitive; you then start winning medals and ultimately have the opportunity to retire a champion. And that’s how it used to be in business. But no more, alas! 
About the Author I left school with a few O Levels and a lot of unfulfilled potential and from that day never worked for anyone else. I travelled the world building export led businesses, making over 100 foreign trip a year. I once negotiated a deal with a guy who had a Kalashnikov AK47 on his desk and also won a bet with Sir Philip Green that resulted in him making a cup of tea for my Dad. My wife says I'm not in touch with my feminine side which I find bizarre given that we have four daughters! 
“First, Stephen Sacks is your quintessential entrepreneur. He has built and run more businesses than I can count. He has had his share of setbacks. He has shown huge resilience and tenacity.  He knows more about the ups and downs of the small businessperson than anyone else I know. His insights and words of wisdom are well worth listening to. 
Second, if you want to grow, and to push your business in a new direction, you need some fresh thinking. That’s what this book provides: not just great examples of businesses Stephen has founded or worked with; and not just his reflections on the difficult challenges you face in developing your business further; but really practical advice as well, about sources of funding, tax credit schemes, agencies that can help you, and so on.” 
Julian Birkinshaw, Professor a nd Deputy Dean, L ondon Business School .