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There are two sides to my photography business; the first side is more commercial and client based.
I offer studio sessions with newborns, sitters and families, creating beautiful and precious photographs of you and your loved ones. As you child grows up those tiny little feet and that beautiful little face will be just a memory in your mind, my aim is to capture your little one to create photographs that you will treasure and look back on years to come. I work closely with you to capture the photographs you want and each session is unique to your wants, needs and desires. As well as studio photography I also offer wedding packages and funeral photography, taking care to capture those little details on important days where they may slip your memory, for you to reflect back on. To me photography is about capturing those little details and creating precious memories that will bring a smile (or tear) to your face.
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The second part of my business is based around exhibition work.
Lisa Nix graduated from the University of Derby in 2016 with a BA Honours in Photography and is based in Grantham. Her work illustrates the effects the dementia can have upon a patient and how this illness affects them as well as their immediate family and support network. Through the use of her Grandfathers photographs, Nix aims to raise awareness of this harrowing disease. I have had work displayed at Derby University, Derby International Format Photography Festival and Kunsten Festival, Watou, Belgium.
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About Lisa Nix

After graduating from University I decided that I wanted to work for myself and turn something that I enjoy so much into a career.  As well as running my own photography business I also work part time at Belton Woods Hotel as a lifeguard. Dementia has been a big part of my life for the past 2 years so I also volunteer with a charity called Side By Side which involves me visiting someone with Dementia and encouraging them to do activities, allowing their partner to go out and do the shopping or gardening without being disturbed.

The plan was to just focus on the commercial side of the business but one thing led to another and I ended up in Belgium to exhibit my university degree-show work! (If you want to learn more about how I ended up in Belgium please get in touch!)