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Dowling Consultants offers a range of business services - support services and website design and development services. Business support services - Dowling Consultants have a wealth of business experience, focusing on the needs of small and family businesses. They work with both start-up and established businesses, setting them on the right track to achieve success and grow. Chris Dowling has over 35 years of hands-on, day to day experience of owning and running a family business. As a business owner he has covered all aspects of management. Website design and development services- We design and build websites that are creative, effective and tailored for your business. Whether you are starting from scratch or want to refresh and upgrade your existing website, we can help. We produce websites of all sizes - from a basic site of a couple of pages to a more complex e-commerce, fully managed site. We host sites, design the layout and build all the functionality - and we provide ongoing customer support.

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About Chris Dowling

Chris Dowling lives in Uckfield, EastSussex.

For most of his working life Chris has worked in the gaphics and print industry. Following technological and market changes, Chris has changed his business activities in recent years and now offers business support services, including consultancy and mentoring.  With over 35 years of business experience as the owner of a family business, Chris 'has been there and done it'.

Away from business, Chris is a local councillor in Uckfield, representing residents on East Sussex County Council.

Chris is an enthusiastic sports fan - he is  member of Sussex County Cricket Club and a supporter of Brighton & Hove Albion FC.