Jane Charles-Aryeequaye (Skinsensual body clinic)

Jane Charles-Aryeequaye
Skinsensual body clinic

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I aim to help those who wish to enhance their self-confidence by taking care of their body with inch-loss, skin tightening and freshening the face.  All with the assistance of the unique LipofirmPro body treatment device, which has the ability to deliver amazing results in a few short sessions with no side-effects, no medication or invasive methods.  Your treatment will be in the privacy and comfort of private, discreet surroundings in a calm and relaxing environment.  No hustle and bustle of a high street salon with impersonal attention.  My clients value this personal care and time to discuss their concerns.

About Jane Charles-Aryeequaye

I've had a varied career where I spent several years working in large companies in the City doing Human Resources type work and also in local government, last one was with Islington Council.  I decided to give big business and large organisations a miss after this and became involved with a small charity that helped young people who were going astray to get involved with education, training and employment. I guess I'm one of life's 'helpers' and made a decision to pursue a change of career and trained as a Counsellor which I have been for the past six years.  Helping people with mental health issues such as anxiety, relationships, self-esteem and confidence and becoming their best selves.  In this process, I've learnt a massive amount about myself which has changed my outlook immeasurably.  I continue to love therapeutic work, however, for many reasons, it's not something that can be considered as a reliable or full-time profession.

I developed an interest in physical treatments, however, I wished to something a little different rather than a beautician or similar.  Eventually earlier this year, I decided to start a service offering body treatments using a machine LipofirmPro.  I have a home clinic and this in itself is challenging to find innovative ways to get potential clients to know my service is available.  Although when they do attend for the first time they are pleasantly surprised to have their treatment in a quiet, private environment.  I think that when someone is looking for a personal service whether it's counselling or body treatment, they are interested in first of all me: what am I like?  Will I show understanding and empathy for their concerns?  My two services have compatibility as I'm helping people to look at themselves through a different lens, whether it's physically or psychologically.

Outside of my work life, I enjoy gardening immensely as I believe it provides a great therapeutic outlet and travel.