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With over 25 years of experience, Leap HR was created with local small and medium sized businesses on mind, by offering an affordable, simpler and easier approach to handling the people stuff that can be both time consuming and on occasion, challenging. We offer hands on support, or just an ear at the end of the phone, with the assurance of being realistic and honest. Valuing trust and integrity above everything else, we are passionate about both employers and employees being treated fairly and watching them grow. 

About Leanne Pogson

I’m an HR person who is not in any way typical of my profession. I have spent over 25 years learning my craft in fast moving businesses; I am comfortable in rolling my sleeves up and getting involved. Life is not black and white, its often grey, and the same can said about people – after all that is what HR is all about – people.

I value trust and integrity above everything else, I‘m passionate about both employers and employees being treated fairly and watching them grow. I strongly believe in keeping HR simple. I have another passion, my love of cats (and of course not forgetting my husband, Chris). Whilst agreeing they are not everyone’s cup of tea (the cats not my husband), I have been known to liken my feline friends to dealing with people.

Managing people can be like trying to herd cats - everyone is different, often want different things (usually at the same time), have different priorities and need attention in different ways. Yes, it can often be challenging, but it’s about appreciating those differences and working with them to achieve the best possible outcome.