Julian Wellings (Expertise on Tap)

Julian Wellings
Expertise on Tap

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01242 696728
Location: Cheltenham


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19th Jul 2018
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4th Sep 2007
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What I Do
  • Email newsletters
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Video production
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Editing
My Company Information

Expertise on Tap was founded in July 2007 and I've been a 4N member since September 2007.

I offer three services.

1. Email marketing - a fully or partially outsourced service.
I design, write and edit e-shots and e-newsletters for clients who do not have the time not the knowledge to do this professionally.

2. Video production for SMEs
Producing professional videos at affordable rates.

3. Video editing
For business and domestic clients. Have you got some video footage which needs knocking into shape? I can help.

Here's how I helped one of my email marketing clients:

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