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The Business Pod helps small business owners like you, GROW and DEVELOP you and your business    to help you become more SUCCESSFUL.   We do this by helping you work ON  your business, and not just  IN  it.   We SUPPORT and MOTIVATE  you to take  ACTION  in your business, and where possible make you accountable to ensure  you achieve the RESULTS  you are aiming for. We can help you BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL.

About Katherine Baines

Katherine Baines, is a Chartered Certified Accountant from Malvern.  She set up and has been managing her own accountancy practice since 2013, so knows what it takes to run a successful small business. She has been in the accountancy profession since 2004 and  has helped over 500+ businesses become more successful, and is now spending her time helping small businesses especially   professional service firms (like her own) become more successful.  More information about Katherine's experience can be found on her LinkedIn profile by  clicking here.