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Addi'd Value is all about providing you with great marketing - without the agency price tag. 

Marketing can cover a whole host of areas and it can get confusing. I start by taking a step back and doing some thinking with you. You can leap right in with a new website. However, a little insight and thinking will make sure everything has purpose, you have a clear vision and you only do what's right for you and your customers. This saves you money in the long-run.  

The next exciting bit is the creative.  Interpreting 'what you stand for' into a creative style. This reflects what you're about as a business. In turn, the creative style is then applied to the communications that have been pre-agreed to make you 'stand out' (so the websites, direct mail, email, leaflets, radio, social etc). This isn't just about a pretty marketing though, it has to deliver.

You may not need all our services, you may just need some direction or a sense-check, and that's exactly what we're here for.

Having worked for small and large organisations for 20 years in marketing, I know many of the challenges and demands you come up against, and I'm extremely good at project management. I've worked in a range of industries too - from travel to higher education, legal to property - so I've plenty of insight and experience to draw on.

The way I work is very flexible. I'd be delighted to have an initial chat to see if and how I can help - my mobile is 07813 946551 or email or check out


About Adeline Bibby


I'm Addi - full name Adeline - and I'm a Staffordshire girl now living on the edge of Manchester.

I love what I do, and my career has taken me from construction to travel, law and more besides. I love variety, and I love a challenge.but if I wasn't working in marketing I'd be an animal psychologist or an architect.

My first car was a Triumph Spitfire and I love cars and motorbikes but I'd never claim to know that much about them.. it's all superficial :-).  I wish I could play pool and I wish I could play the piano as well as I think I can.

I've two dogs, two cats and two kids - pretty much all adopted bar the crazy welsh sheepdog.

If you'd like to meet for coffee and a chat about all things marketing, adoption, animals or wine I'd be very happy to. My mobile is 07813 946551.