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Over the years of running the business I have become more involved with the development side, for both us as a business and for our clients. We continually grow and develop so we can better serve our clients and solve problems effectively.
the tools we use to solve problems are web and digital based, from being in tune with Google to knowing how to help you attract the right customers for you. We've worked hard to streamline our business so we are more productive and now we have time to do the things we love doing not just the things we 'have' to do. The online side of your business if efficient and maintained can work well for you, a 24/7 sales person who you do not need to put on the pay roll, pay sick pay to or supply with a company car. With this in mind - managing, developing and growing your business with us will be affordable and bring you peace of mind. Fancy a day on the beach or a round of Golf with your friends or maybe just a much needed day with your kids, go for it, your business is taken care of.

On a personal level I enjoy my yoga practive everyday and love being outdoors either walking or out on my moutain bike. During winter we are outside a lot less and enjoy reading, podcasts, audio books and chilling out with friends by our wood burner with a hot chocolate with a sneaky brandy or Richards home made mulled cider. Whatever the season we find sometihng to do that we love and enjoy the freedom that our business now gives us.