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The Sales Growth Club is a membership club for individuals and companies employees that want to invest in developing their Sales skills & fine tune their sales strategies.

If you do not have access to sales best practice & sales resources to benchmark & bounce around ideas the Sales Growth Club is for you.

The Sales Growth Club is a place where you have access too ask Steve Knapp specific questions around anything Sales. You will also belong to a like minded community & be able to create valuable dialogue with each other.

The Sales Growth Club will share great content from Sales thought leaders & handpick the most useful so you do not have to wade through the mountains of content on the Internet.

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About Steve Knapp

Having worked in Sales my whole working life, I always felt a little inferior when declaring what I did at a dinner table. When people announced, “Doctor”, “Lawyer”, “Accountant” – “Sales” always just seemed to pale in significance. 

It’s my mission to change that; not just for me but for every Salesperson who feels that same pain. The culture in Sales really needs a shake-up, and with that, the image and reputation of the Salesperson will become elevated everywhere. 

I’ve worked all over the world implementing techniques to improve Sales; sometimes what seems like stating the obvious to one person, is a revelation to another. You simply don’t know what you don’t know. But I’ve been through a whole lot, and learned a whole lot as a result.