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Before you invest in Sales training packages & Sales enablement technology with the aim to improve the productivity & effectiveness of your Sales professionals let's first make sure that the fundamental "5 Sales Excellence Tenets" are in place & working. 

The 5 Sales Excellence Tenets

1. Business Strategy - Is their a genuine commitment to develop Sales Excellence?
2. Growth Management - Are meaningful targets set & is the business performance against these targets made visible?
3. Sales Leadership - Do managers spend their time on business performance and people development?
4. Sales Execution - Are Sales standards in place & is a consistency in Sales Execution achieved?
5. Pipeline Management - Is there a Sales pipeline and Lead Management processes in place & is it effective?

I will show you how "The 5 Tenets of Sales Excellence" can make your business more successful, by maximising the efficiency & productivity of your Sales efforts through the use of pragmatic processes, tools & behaviours that support;

1. How you sell
2. How you manage the Sales process
3. How you monitor the delivery of results 
4. How you develop Sales capability

To get me in to run an assessment for you can call me on 07940 222834

About Steve Knapp

What stops you wining business as often or as fast as you want to... Does stuff get in the way of selling time, are enough sales calls made to make your growth targets, are prospects prioritised & are your employees working together & focused on growth? I can unlock your Sales effort because I help your company identify the key opportunity areas in "The 5 Tenets of Sales Excellence" that are important to win in your market.  

Do you know that a buying decision is 57% made before a Sales professional is invited to make contact with a prospect? Just reflect a little on this... your prospects knows who you are, what you sell & what benefits your products bring them before they agree to see you. 

This means your company must be more productive & efficient in both "preparation" & "selling" than your competitors. The productivity & efficiency of your Sales team in these phases can be assessed using "The 5 Tenets of Sales Excellence". 

My experience leading Sales Teams & designing Excellence programmes is that if an activity is value adding, is done routinely & executed flawlessly a Team will be set up to succeed. My approach is to review what processes & tools you use today & see how effective & productive they are. Recognising what you do well & to highlight key areas that can be improved. 

I will work with you to develop what good looks like for your company & using those pieces we build a strategy to unlock your Sales potential. 

So that's why I do what I do & I have successfully taken this approach to many different size & types of businesses & I know that this approach has the potential to improve Sales Effectiveness in your company. 

If you are interested discussing the value of an assessment then let's connect on LinkedIn, email: or call me on +44 (0)7940 222 834 & we can take it from there.