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There are two big financial time-bombs ticking in the UK:
1) consumer debt is larger than it has ever been - £1.33 trillion and rising by £174 million a day (Sept '17 figures), which, along with the prospect of increasing interest rates, is a very worrying trend,
2) most people do not make sufficient provision for their retirement. Everyone, particularly those aged between 25 and 55, needs to plan not just for a decent standard of living when they retire, but to cover things like care home fees, which currently stand at over £1000 a week.

Genistar is on a mission to address these two issues. Instead of advice it offers something far better: free financial education and a free, personalised Financial Game Plan that enables families to make the right financial choices for themselves.

Financial institutions want to keep you in debt, it's how they make their huge profits. Genistar teaches what the money lenders don't want you to know - how, by applying a few simple financial disciplines that most people are unaware of, it's easy for everyone to clear debts faster and start investing in their future sooner.
Genistar is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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