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Cameo Innovations takes a business, rather than a technology approach to helping our clients to find, extract and deliver more value from their investments in digital business and cloud computing. Digital Transformation is the current buzz-phrase, but most businesses don't want a digital revolution - they find change hard to deal with. But those that don't embrace the business benefits and reduced costs that embracing digital business and the cloud can bring will be left behind. 

We deliver Digital Evolution: a step-by-step approach to help our clients utilise technology, which in many cases they're already paying for, to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enable collaboration and mitigate risks.

We're increasingly advising on approaches to GDPR, the new data protection legislation.

About Mike Hill

I have been marketing technology products in UK, Europe, Asia and the USA for nearly 40 years. As well has having worked for both UK and US companies of various sizes, I've served 10 years on the board of a global PR agency and I also run my own technology marketing consultancy. My specialty is identifying market opportunities for technology products and services, and building value often leading to a flotation or sale. I co-founded Cameo Innovations, a business technology consultancy that helps SMEs get more value from their use of Microsoft Office 365 and cloud technologies.

I enjoy investigating new technology, social media, popular science and listening to music of all kinds. I enjoy walking, cycling and skiing.