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Are you a business owner?

Are your terms & conditions doing what they should for your business? .........

"No one reads them, they are not important" WRONG! ✖️

What ever your industry T&C's are typically the basis of a binding contract between you and the user. Clearly identifying from the outset what your customers expect and what you expect from them will minimise the chances of legal disputes. 

⏩Do you find yourself chasing customers for non-payment?
⏩Have you had disputes over work you have completed?
⏩Are timescales sometimes not quite up to your standards?

✔️I can provide you with clearly written, practical terms & conditions that are bespoke & personal to your business. 
With this comes 
◾️improved cashflow
◾️fewer debtors
◾️reduced risk
◾️greater security
◾️limitation of liabilites
◾️less unpleasant and expensive conflict
◾️A more professional image.

Protect and Promote your business with practical terms and conditions, contractual documentation, contract management and support services.

☎️ 07375 040011 / 01604 217365

About Kerry Gibbs


I'm Kerry, I work for an amazing company called BEB. I have a passion for Terms & Conditions.... no really I do! 

I am very sociable, opinionated, and I support Leeds United!! 

I have 2 lovely girls and currently studying a masters in Business Law. 

Super woman!! :)