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We are a professional creative design agency based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. We specialise in logo design, branding, graphic design, illustration, marketing and website design. As a creative design business, we have over 10 years industry experience and have helped a number of businesses throughout the UK enhance their image.

We are extremely passionate about what we do and thrive on helping businesses develop - whether this is the creation of a new logo and branding scheme, the design and development of a digital marketing programme or the build and design of a professional website.

So what does "OLO Design" really mean? It actually stand's for Out Loud Orange!

Let's speak "Out Loud" about your business and everything you do; we want our clients to be proud of the work we do for them. It's a representation of their business, so we feel privileged to have helped them develop something bespoke, professional and most importantly, meaningful and relevant.

"Orange" is a fresh colour which represents creativity and success. Apart from our Director, Tom having a weird affiliation with oranges as a youngster, it also relates to social communication, promotes feelings of warmth, positivity and is a physically and mentally stimulating colour - this is everything we look to implement into a clients project.


About Tom Haslam

Hi my name is Tom, I am a professional graphic designer and entrepreuneur from Sheffield.

I am the Creative Director and business owner of OLO Design. I am extremely passionate about what I do and always look to instill a fresh thinking process into any new projest. I think my passion for design comes across in all my work and I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and learning about their business. 

I am always happy to discuss how I can help your business image develop and would be more than happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat (who doesnt)

 For any further information about what I do, please feel free to give me a call on 07460 636833 or drop me an email on