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Susie Flashman Jarvis
The Bespoke Coach

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Susie is based in Tunbridge Wells working across Kent, in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Maidstone and London as an Executive coach. Over time she has found herself supporting executives to live and work in more successful ways as she challenges their coping strategies, building relationships of trust and discretion that are so necessary when working with those at the top. She is known as a challenging and authentic coach, unafraid to ask the questions needed to ensure that her clients are the best they can be!

About Susie Flashman Jarvis

Susie has been a counsellor for 19 years and brings all her experience into the executive coaching arena. Now working with entrepreneurs and senior executives she is just what they need, 'a 'breath of fresh air', as one client said.

She is known as challenging and robust, authentic, trustworthy and discreet. 

A writer and motivational speaker and workshop facilitator she tells her own story with frankness that spurs and challenges others.

She is able to support teams to communcate across their differences, thus changing the culture to ensure the organisations and individuals thrive.