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Bonita Ackerman du Preez
Future-edge coaching

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3rd Oct 2017
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  • Business & Performance Coaching
  • Confidence and Resilience Training
  • Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach Practitioner
  • TimeLine Therapy
  • Motivational Speaker
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Specialists in Confidence and Resilience half and full day training packages to the private and public sector. Group and one to one coaching. 


About Bonita Ackerman du Preez

I use Hypnotherapy, TimeLine Therapy and Performance Coaching to support you in making changes to your personal and professional life quickly, giving you the power to deal with failure, change, crises and challenge. I specialise in anxiety and stress management and if you are committed to change and prepared to make the effort, I am the right person to help you now.

I treat the following:

Anxiety & Stress, Fears, Phobia & Panic Attacks, Confidence and Self-esteem, Weight Loss, Exam Stress & bullying, Stopping Smoking.

About Hypnotherapy

Nobody can be hypnotised against their will. When you are in hypnosis you are relaxed, but you remain fully aware of everything around you and you stay in control. It’s similar to the state you are in just before sleep. There are no harmful affects and it delivers long-lasting and permanent benefits. Hypnotherapy allow you to see and deal with significant events and feeling, removing limiting beliefs from the past and visualising a better scenario for the future.

Hypnotherapy rewires your subconscious brain allowing you to focus on positive more helpful suggestions. The subconscious mind is the key to all your emotions and controls 90% of your behaviour. It always tries to protect you and, in most cases, has learnt behavioural beliefs about yourself from your childhood or past. Sometimes our subconscious mind makes a mistake and creates a connection, thought or emotion between an event and or behaviour that may have been appropriate then, but it is not appropriate or helpful anymore.

Through hypnotherapy we work together to change the negative thought patterns and insert positive more helpful suggestions to encourage a change in behaviour.

My other passion is running  Equine-edge Rider Confidence Coaching and Beat This Dressage to Music. Myself  and my partner producing music freestyle floor plans and music clinics working with clients nationally and internationally including the Hong Kong Paraolympic Team. We have represented England at several International competitions and are well known within British Dressage and the Eastern Dressage team. We compete at Advanced Medium dressage with our horse Henri and hope to advance to Grand Prix level.