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Sarah Shields
Revital U International

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Revital U International is a truly unique company that believes in its product so much that they have a 30 day money back guarantee for first time customers (shipping is non refundable) 

You can order 3 FREE samples on my webpage provided (Just pay shipping)

1 tub (30 days with "Preferred" customer selected) £39.99 (Plus shipping)

2 tubs ("Preferred" customer selected) £74.99 (Plus shipping)

About Sarah Shields

I'm Group Co-ordinator of Preston but also helping out with Bolton & St Helens Groups until all team positions are filled.

I've worked at JJB Sports as a Merchandiser, Blockbuster Entertainments in Customer Sales. Able Support Limited as a Care Worker & Terryokee Entertainments as a DJ & Social Media Advertiser. 

I am now a Brand Influencer for Revital U International thanks to my fellow Revital U Teamie Hayley Hilton who introduced me to the product in my very first 4Networking meeting. I have literally fell in love with this product since day 1. In 37 days I have lost 16lb, my confidence is better than it ever has been, I feel healthier, I look healthier, my blood pressure, blood sugar & cholesterol have dropped, my energy has improved dramatically, my focus has increased & now my life is transforming not just personally but now also professionally with this amazing company. 

I am happy, fun, motivated, hard working, honest, respectful & compassionate. 

I love Crime Forensics, Documentaries, Zombies, Blood, Horror & Gore but most of all Revital U Coffee.