Sarah Shields (Simply Saz)

Sarah Shields
Simply Saz

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Location: Preston

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20th Jun 2018
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10th Oct 2017
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  • Social Media
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  • Social Media Consulting
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For £60 per month.

That's just £15 per week.

I can put out to a whole new audience via my personal business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram exactly what you would like me too if it be what you can offer your clients, any upcoming events or promotions etc.

5 days per week.

Monday to Friday. 

Current clients are:

KSH Safety Services, The Happiness Club & Hayley Hilton 13: Revital U. 

About Sarah Shields

I'm Group Leader for St Helens. 

I've held the role of Group Co-ordinator at Preston.

Marketing Co-ordinator for Preston & Bolton.

Vistor Co-ordinator for St Helens. 

I've been stand in Group Leader for Liverpool, Preston, Bolton & St Helens. 

I've had careers within sales, care, family entertainment & now social media. 

I love to spend time with those I care about.

I have a passion for visiting historical sites, museums & art galleries.

I love to walk in beautiful places. 

I enjoy anything to do with crime forensics.

I like to watch blood & gore movies.