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Employee Wellness Support - For a Happier, Healthier and more Productive Workforce

Cut your business costs, boost productivity and increase employee wellbeing – with employee wellness programmes and employee wellbeing support from AurumGold.

Working with Finance, Pharmaceutical Sales, Care and Manufacturing businesses across the UK, we offer a range of employee wellness services designed to improve emotional health and wellbeing for the benefit of organisations.





We will help your business to:

  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Improve employee retention
  • Foster a positive culture and build teams
  • Unlock the potential of your workforce
  • Improve business productivity
  • Cut operating costs
  • Boost growth and profitability

Whether you are looking to manage change, cut costs, drive employee engagement or get more from your teams, our experienced consultants can deliver measurable, sustainable results.

Our service

Benefit from our holistic approach to wellbeing, and fully tailored employee wellness programmes. Our auditing, training, development and coaching services are proven to deliver measurable, positive changes across your business.

Why choose

Our experienced, specialist wellbeing consultants have a proven track record in improving the wellbeing of employees. Come to AurumGold and you’ll benefit from expert consultancy, backed up by one-to-one, practical support in delivering on your objectives.   

About us

Our passion is helping people to improve their emotional health and wellbeing. By inspiring and training people to become stronger, more positive and more emotionally intelligent, we deliver real benefits to both employers and the individuals themselves.


Take the first steps towards a happier, healthier and more productive business today – for additional information or to book a free, no obligation consultation, call us today on 01423623641, email or complete the contact form.


About Phill Holdsworth

Phill is a wellbeing development specialist with a wealth of high level experience in the charity, finance and manufacturing industries. He is also a trained Mental Health First Aider and ASSIT care giver, supporting potential suicides by keeping them safe.

Prior to founding AurumGold, Phill spent a 16-year career developing people’s skills at leading organisations in the manufacturing and finance sectors, before embarking on a rewarding corporate-level role at a leading debt counselling charity. Championing the cause of society’s most vulnerable and marginalised, Phill represented the interests of the charity to government departments, institutes and trade bodies across the UK.

Phill is a member of the Institute of Directors, the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, the secretary for the Money Advice Liason Group's North East & Yorkshire forum (voluntary role) and Trustee of the Harrogate Hub, a community based charity providing support services to all in Harrogate.

Outside of work, Phill loves the great outdoors and is a keen ornithologist, enjoying hiking in the stunning countryside with Penny. He likes to keep active, and enjoys mountain biking, and playing walking football in his hometown of Harrogate. Phill also holds a season ticket at Harrogate Town.

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