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AurumGold specialises in emotional and mental wellbeing transformation, taking people on a journey of self discovery, helping them to make positive choices which lead to success. This is a long term journey commitment by us helping you realise your organisational objectives and create future resilience.

When human beings experience trauma or life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel and their work to suffer. Our greatest passion is to help them on the road to wholeness and good wellbeing, and more than this, help organisations create a great atmosphere and culture that encourages good wellbeing. Often when this is achieved the person is that much stronger, more positive, encouraged and has better relationships and a healthier perspective of themselves. And in the interest of the employer, that person becomes far more productive, more engaged and spends less time absent from work. AurumGold can make that difference.

For each transformed person a team is transformed and for each transformed team an organisation is transformed.

If you are experiencing levels of staff disengagement, higher levels of absenteeism or turnover resulting in increased costs then please contact us via website: tel: 07825 137617 or email:

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