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Russell Parker
QRB Management Consultants Ltd

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  • Referral Marketing Consulting
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Today, Asentiv provides entrepreneurs with the coaching, consulting, and engagement necessary for every entrepreneur to attain their vision of an Amazing Business and a Spectacular Life.


Asentiv is for entrepreneurs who believe in collaborating with a community of like-minded people.


We teach you how to grow your business through creating a team of professionals who want to work and succeed together.


Asentiv will help you build multi-layered, purposeful relationships that will help your business grow faster, stronger and deeper. Referral marketing is the most rewarding way to grow your business, because you’re creating worthwhile relationships that extend beyond business.

About Russell Parker

Since 2006 I've been training people in the field of service and project management, helping others achieve success and acquiring qualifications in frameworks like PRINCE2, Agile, ITIL, Change Management, Management of Risk and PRINCE2 Agile.


Giving people a sense of empowerment and confidence to push themselves further gives me a real sense of achievement in my own career.


I spent over 20 years in IT operations and project management before becoming a trainer and consultant and I've been involved in many projects of various sizes in both the public and private sectors.  Helping people and organisations implement positive changes for real benefit.  


Last year I decided to work as an independant and my business has grown primarily due to referral marketing.  The time I would spent on marketing then has been better invested in growing my product portfolio and increasing my profitability.


Working with Asentiv gives me the opportunity to pass this knowledge on, seeing people get their own light bulb moment and start to be even more successful gives me a great deal of satisfaction.