Adrian Savage (The Automation Architect)

Adrian Savage
The Automation Architect

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  • Email & Marketing Automation
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About Adrian Savage

Hi, I'm Adrian Savage, the Automation Architect and owner of the Dynamic Marketing Lab.

We specialise in Sales and Marketing Automation, because one size simply doesn't fit all.

Imagine a machine where, every time you put £1 in, you get £5 out. You'd put every penny you've got into that machine, wouldn't you?

At the Dynamic Marketing Lab, we build machines just like that for our clients. We help them systemise and automate their marketing processes such as attracting new prospects, winning new clients, and giving a WOW experience to existing clients. This helps you sell more, increase your revenue and profit and, more importantly, saves time so that you or your team can focus on your core business.

Do you use Mailchimp in your business? With no apologies to Paul Mcgowan (the Meerkat Killer), I've also adopted the role of the Chimp Killer! That's right, that cheeky chimp could be costing your business a lot of money! Mailchimp is great at what it does but it's mostly a "one size fits all" solution and isn't a true Marketing Automation platform. If you'd like a much more sophisticated solution that will let you quickly and easily automate your marketing so you can add behaviour-based elements into your campaigns and have an answer for the "What if they don't....?" question, check out ActiveCampaign (which we just happen to resell) at