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Hi, im Jennie, an Authorised Distributor for Utility Warehouse where I save people money and put pounds instead of pence back into their pockets.

Utility Warehouse is the brand name for its parent company Telecome Plus Plc.  It is listed on the London Stock Exchange Fst 250 and  is licensed by the energy regulator Ofgem and regulated by Ofcom.

Utility Warehouse are very different to other suppliers.  They dont have any high street shops and dont waste money on expensive advertising.  Why?  Because they rely solely upon people like me to spread the word, gather referrals and customer recommendations.

As we live in a world of bills there is no getting away from you.  Gas, Landline, Broadband, electric, Mobile, Home Insurance, the list is endless.  Utility Warehouse is all about shrinking your bills and making budgeting easier on just one monthly bill.  Plus the more services you take with us the more you will save

There is no charge for my service it is FREE for a quotation

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