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About Ally Munarriz

I joined my husband's business, HulloMail at the start of 2017 and haven't looked back! 

After around 10 years of working in software training and account management roles, I decided that I'd like a change and wanted to achieve a better work-life balance, as I was a slave to work and never switched off. 

I now look after all of the sales and marketing activity for HulloMail which has in recent years shifted from offering technology solutions to large telecommunications companies, to now providing mobile apps to consumers and small businesses. 

Our aim is to help your mobile to make you more productive without it taking over your life. 

My main focus is Another Number, which provides a second number for work on your main mobile phone so you no longer have to carry two phones or use your personal number for work (as I used to) and therefore never switch off. 

We're a small business and we work hard but we know how important it is to enjoy your time off so that is one of our main goals with Another Number, as well as saving small businesses money, saving you time and also reducing the unecessary number of second phones in the UK which are damaging to the environment.  

If you'd like to know more please get in touch.