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Parkgrove Estates has been in existance for nearly 10 years. Originally it was born out of a the desire by myself & other similar investors who were land & property landlords who were frustrated by a lack of opportunities & the poor return on our savings in Banks & other financial institutions. Over the years clients began to appear who saw what we were achieving & wanted us to do the same for their savings.

since then we have moved our narrow By To let focus to cover a wider spread of property investments to spread our risk, to take adavantage of the changing property landscape & to take on large & more profitable property realted projects. Eventhough we are conservative & fairly risk adverse we can still return 6-11% per year on invested capital & savings. We have a wide range of investers investing a range of sums from as little at £5,000 & up to around £100,000, althoug hthe most common investments are in the £10,000 - £40,000 bracket.

Investments are typically 12 months long, although many investors prefer to leave in for longer whilst reaping a healthy return at the end of each 12 month period with no hands on involvement in the investment at all.

We also do joint Ventures with investors who have the knowledge,skills & desire to be more involved in their investments.

In addition to this, we also develop our property portfolio ourselves to maximise our control over the return of investments in both property & related businesses.



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