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David Balcon
Utility Warehouse

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I'm a network marketing professional because running my own business gives me time flexibility and choices.

I'm married to Sue and we have two grown up children and a dog.

I need time flexibility because I'm a listening volunteer with Samaritans, a trustee and volunteer at a local rough sleepers shelter, a Guest Welfare support worker with Crisis, I play bass in a band, and teach meditation at the local Buddhist Centre. I don't have time for a 'proper job' as my long departed Dad would have said.

A life long motorcyclist I ride all year round, and prefer being on the bike to any other form of transport. It's not always practical though.

My passion is helping people, and my business with Utility Warehouse is a natural fit for this.

I can't help everybody, but give me half an hour, a cup of builders tea, and we'll have a good chat and discover whether what I have to offer will help you or someone you know.

We all need power and the ability to communicate, although we'd probably choose to spend our money elsewhere.

So I help people save money on the things they need, so they can spend money on the things they want