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People make the difference to business success.  There are significant risks in hiring new people or promoting existing employees (particularly into leadership roles) because if they don't fit or lack capability it could prove disasterous.  Even great people often go through difficult times where they need extra support as take on new challenges.

At Wiseman Talent Solutions we gain deeper insight into individual employees (and teams) and use that knowledge to help them fulfil their potential.  We do this by:

  • Providing coaching for key employees
  • Assess potential and current employees using a range of tools (including psychometrics)
  • Design and deliver training
  • Faciliate change
About Patrick Lee

I moved from Yorkshire quite late in life, hence the northern accent, and still enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of London (even after being here for nearly 20 years).

I'm a football fan and support a team from my home county that most other supporters seem to dislike :-(.  Our fans have a particular (some would say irrational) hatred of Manchester United which I can't share as my Dad supports them.

My saddest moment is getting tickets to the 2015 rugby world cup - including the final - and having to watch Australia and New Zealand while England were dumped out of the tournament.