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Tony Middleton
Bounce HR Limited

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19th Feb 2018
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16th Jan 2018
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  • Coaching/HR Consultancy
My Company Information
Bounce HR Limited was set up by Tony Middleton, Managing Director.
A creative and solution orientated Human Resources consultancy with a reputation for
being approachable, easy to work with and reliable.
We call ourselves Bounce HR because we really think that in a modern and changing
economy the flexibility to bounce ideas which are creative and innovative are essential for
We know that real impact happens when we innovate.
About Tony Middleton
Tony Middleton is a creative, entreprenuerial and pragmatic HR Consultant and Coach.  A really down to earth person, known for being easy to get on with. 
He also gets the job done! Reliable and a person who values integrity. 
A Chartered Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). He also holds a degree; and post graduate diploma in Human
Resources. He is trained in Service Improvement Project Management and holds a practitioner level CHAMPS2 qualification for transformation change.
Tony has 18 years’ experience in Human Resources at a senior level, including Director level posts, Head of HR, and Head of Employee Relations.
He has been a trustee of local black country charity which supports people with learning disablitites and mental health illness for more than 10 years.