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Ian Richards
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We provide advice and solutions to companies and individuals that are struggling financially. We also provide advice to creditors, professionals and lenders involved with businesses that have financial problems.

When a business is facing financial distress or is considered insolvent, we may be able to help rescue it if action is taken at an early stage. We can deploy a team of experts at short notice to deal with any UK or international business, including owner-managed enterprises to large multinationals. Our team has an excellent reputation and a proven track record.

We are committed to providing an exceptional service based on professionalism, in-depth experience and independent specialist expertise. All our Insolvency Practitioners are regulated and licensed by the Insolvency Practitioner’s Association (‘IPA’)

We are considered one of the UK’s leading independent insolvency and corporate recovery specialists, providing services to clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations and financial institutions. Our service offering includes turnaround management, corporate debt rescheduling, refinancing, fund raising, interim management, insolvency and corporate recovery. We are also trusted advisers to accountancy practices, law firms, directors and shareholders.

We have helped businesses of all sizes that have faced sudden or long-term financial challenges. We are here to assist clients to overcome those challenges in order to secure the best possible financial outcome. Our key objectives are to help businesses survive and prosper, safeguard jobs and to try maintain stakeholder value.

We can provide a prompt and responsive service by placing an expert in front of you at the earliest opportunity to assess your position and to ensure you have as many options to consider as possible. The more options you have available the better the chances of a successful rescue.

If you believe your company is insolvent or you require help with a business recovery strategy, we are here to help. We will never force you to take action and will advise you of all the available options.

If you are worried about your business or you know someone who's concerned that their business may be insolvent please contact me to arrange a free initial meeting.

About Ian Richards
I am also a Psychotherapist and have a passion for helping people who are struggling with personal issues. When a new client comes to see me they generally want to understand how they can make changes to how they feel. I work with a humanistic approach and endeavour to understand what is really going on for the client. Exploring feelings is quite like peeling an old onion, you peel away layers until you come to the issue that has been causing the problems. In my spare time I like to meditate at least 20 minutes a day and if possible and time permitting up 2 hours a day. Practicing meditation helps your mind slowdown from the busy mind schedule that most of us have every day. I also find that following some of the Buddhist principles in therapy really helps the client see life in a different way.