Kimberley Sidaway (Evergreen Ad Company)

Kimberley Sidaway
Evergreen Ad Company

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22nd May 2018
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5th Apr 2018
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  • Lead Generation
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Evergreen Ad Company

"Our Clients don't just SURVIVE the Winter.

                                         They THRIVE."


We are in the business of solving problems. 

Problems such as:

  • Not enough customers
  • Not enough revenue
  • Stunted growth of business
  • Not enough time to prospect
  • Inconsistent workflow

And how to we solve these problems I hear you cry!?

By being the bridge between you and your dream client.


We develop our clients a unique system to connect them with their IDEAL CUSTOMER so that they can deliver the TOP NOTCH service that they have built their REPUTATION on.

So lets say it together - what does every business need?


You got it.

About Kimberley Sidaway

Important facts to know about Kim:

  • Can talk the legs off an iron pot
  • Expect a MASSIVE laugh (cackle?)
  • She is composed of: 1 part dog fur, 1 part white chocolate and 2 parts decaf tea. 
  • Hates cucumber
  • She is an open book (SERIOUSLY)
  • Hosts a one women Karaoke on the way to every 4N meeting.