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I have been involved in the financial management since 1991. Originally a Project Manager for an IT company in 1978, I worked throughout Europe and the Middle East managing the implementation and training of an enterprise wide software system.

In 1991, I became European Finance Support Manager, where my interest financial management grew. The downturn of the computer industry in the 90s resulted in an eventual redundancy in 1998, while I was living in Germany.

I moved back to the UK and in 1999 I set up a business with a colleague and took the role of Finance Director in a company implementing Enterprise Business Software. This was where I learned my finance and business management skills and qualifies as an accountant. During this time, I also created a business network for company owners. This became a huge success and I found that business owners and CEOs thrived on learning from each other. Now I am part of a great Mastermind group in order to continue my entrepreneurial learning.

In 2006, I sold both companies and I was offered the Finance Director role for a haulage company; I was one of four Directors. The company was still in its infancy when two Directors embezzled the company and they promptly disappeared.

As I lost everything, I had to look for employment and decided I wanted to work in the Charitable sector. I worked in a Sheltered Housing Charity in 2006 as the Income and Arrears manager, where I worked for three years.

I took on further Finance Director roles in different Charities and then in 2016, I decided to take some time out to volunteer for a Charity in Kenya. During the 3 weeks I was there, I set up a Trading company to sustain the Charity by growing vegetables for the local community.

I realised that creating and helping small businesses to become profitable and sustainable is my real passion.

Innovative Numbers was bourne to help businesses become self-sustainable and help eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.