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John Weltz
WPA Private Healthcare

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  • Company & Personal Private Medical Insurance
  • Company & Private Medical Insurance
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The text that follows is standardised for Healthcare Partners  by WPA Healthcare Practice Plc.

The Healthcare Practice is a wholly owned subsidiary of WPA, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. I only advise on WPA’s products and services, which provide access to the sort of healthcare that I want for myself and my family. 

The Healthcare Practice holds itself to the highest professional standards. They are full members of the British Franchise Association, adhering to its Code of Ethics. 

As a Healthcare Partner I focus on the service I provide to my clients. I am trained first and foremost to listen and ask questions, so I truly understand the needs of my clients. To give the best advice. To never rush. To always act in my client's best interest.

WPA offer groundbreaking personal and business health insurance policies that have truly revolutionised healthcare in the UK. From funding cancer drugs not readily available on the NHS, the first benefit of its kind, to being recognised by the World Health Organisation as leading in the development of new policies that reduce costs for clients. 

About John Weltz

John is only the seventh person in the history of the world to have consumed more than 1000 4N "full englishes"  (update: now a reformed vegetarian)

But just think about this - more than 1225 meetings done, that's more than 3675 discussions at the 121s and more than 13.5 hours worth of 40 seconds!

IT COULD WELL BE that I've spoken to your ideal customer - who or what would that be?  

Do you know who or what would make an ideal customer for your own business?  Because I take great delight in helping "4enners" with referrals

For me the 4N system has worked superbly for over a decade - eyeball to eyeball, referral, recommendation.  Catch my different foresights on The Meeting, The Process, The Language and TheTarget to maximise your time spent at 4N.

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