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We save people money on bills they already have to pay.  We show people how to make a second income by doing the same.  You can fit our income building opportunity around your exisiting committments.

About John Weltz

John is only the seventh person in the history of the world to have consumed more than 1000 4N "full englishes"  ( update: now a reformed vegetarian)

But just think about this - 1170 meetings done, that's 3510 people spoken with at the 121s. 

IT COULD WELL BE that I've spoken to your ideal customer - who or what would that be?

Do you know who or what would make an ideal customer for your own business?

Eyeball to eyeball that's how it works - whether you want to see how much you can save on your bills or want to join the moneymaking  team it's got to be worth a chat.

Ask me how!