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  • educational consultant
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Combining mindfulness, relaxation techniques and a background in education Kate Beddow created Calmer Classrooms to help teachers stay relaxed and happy.  She delivers training to schools and teaches workshops to the children. By creating resources which can be instantly downloaded by the school and easily interpreted by anyone regardless of their experience, Kate gives teachers the tools they need to stay calm and focused and create Calmer Classrooms wherever they are in the world.

"The must useful personal development session I've ever had" - Lawley Village Primary, Shropshire

Kate also helps parents who are concerned about anxiety and emotional instability in their children and helps families to create a calm and contented home life. 

"Inspiring and totally unique approach. Highly recommended. Love the positive energy and what Kate is teaching" - Theresa Cheung, Author



About Kate Beddow

Kate Beddow is an ex-teacher and holistic therapist who specializes in working with teachers and schools. After being diagnosed with a pituitary tumour in 2007 Kate made the decision not to return to teaching and to learn how to keep herself healthy using energy healing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Combining her teaching and holistic skills Kate has created Calmer Classrooms, downloadable resources and bespoke training to help teachers to help their students, and themselves, stay happy, healthy and calm.