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Fyt Finder is a online fitness marketplace that allows users to sell training and nutrition plans to one another.You can create your own profile and list the services which you want to offer. Users can then browse our list of fitness experts who can be everyday people like you or me or even a seasoned personal trainer and choose who they want to work with based on reviews left by other clients, with  Fyt Finder we believe passing on knowledge is key to being successful in  anything (especially fitness) and who else is better to learn from than someone who has been where you are and gained those inches on their bicep or dropped a couple inches from their waist!?

About Joey Nyamutenha

My Name is Joey. I am the Director of Fyt Finder Limited, an innovative online fitness peer-to-peer marketplace that allows users to sell their training and nutrition plans and packages to one another.

I'm a very humble 23 year old looking to do my bit and help make a change in peoples lives by providing them the platform to do it. Always looking to make connections and help others on their journey.