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Konsileo is a commercial insurance broker using data and technology to put people and customers first.

Our technology disrupts the traditional broking model in two ways.

Firstly, it addresses the operational challenges of regulatory compliance, data capture and duplication with an intuitive platform that gives brokers back more time to spend winning and retaining clients.

Secondly, our technology underpins the creation of a community of modern brokers without hierarchy. Brokers who support each other, share expertise, and are rewarded for working together.

I specialise in Trade Credit Insurance, which effectively ensures your company gets paid! 

Policies offer up to date risk assessment and credit-worthiness of your customers and prospects, as well as ensuring any customer non-payment or insolvency is covered with an insured credit limit, ongoing debt collection, legal and full claims and admin support.

We have access to the whole insurance market and can offer bespoke cover for your sector, type of customer base and business size.



Experienced Trade Credit Insurance professional broker, enabling companies to trade safely in the knowledge their sales ledger is protected against non-payment and insolvency of their customers.

Trade Credit also allows companies to increase sales with insured credit limits and policies often include full debt collection services.

I have been in the industry for 8 years with access to every Credit Insurer and able to negotiate a suitable policy, often with specific industry clauses such as pre-despatch cover, construction retentions cover, exporters cover and the ability to secure cost-savings with risk underwriter connections.

I’d like to get to know your business, your objectives and risk challenges and look forward to discussing how we can assist.