Stephanie Cartwright-Randle (Stef the badminton coach)

Stephanie Cartwright-Randle
Stef the badminton coach

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9th Feb 2008
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  • Improving Sports Performance & Fitness
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The company is about coaching badminton to all ages and groups.

Offering FREE badminton sessions in curriculum time, with the first aim of starting a junior club at the school. Along with hoping to find talended players who want to take the sport further, by practicing, joining a club, playing competitions/tournaments, being coached and even training at the West Midlands Performance Centre  to improve and become the top of their game.

About Stephanie Cartwright-Randle

Having gone straight in to the family printing business when I left school, I did my apprentiship in the printing trade. Handling weekly programmes with extremely tight deadlines. Moving from there to larger pringing company with 'larger' clients. I have handled the following accounts, AOL, Eidos Interacive, Dorling Kindersley, RS