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Mark Linton LLB
Intuitive Marketing Agency

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Intuitive Marketing Agency helps businesses with its brand identity through websites, social media and email marketing. We can help businesses get more leads through Social Media, Email

and Text Marketing and SEO.

About Mark Linton LLB

I help businesses get more business through social media and email marketing. I have been helping businesses grow for years through networking and now I am showing them how they can make use of their networking by  using digital marketing.

★★★Intuitive Marketing Agency helps businesses get results through the use of digital marketing ★★★

Some of my PROUDEST achievements are:

★Dined with the Deputy Ambassador and Head of UKTI and Foreign Dignitaries in Sweden to give feedback on UK trade★

★Speaker at JaguarLandRover, Leeds University, The Business Show and Lombard conferences on entrepreneurship★

★ Finalist for Greater Birmingham Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Awards★ 

★Obtaining a Law Degree after leaving school with no qualifications★

★Building a national brand The Business Growth Show★

★Serving for Queen and Country in the British Army★

I help businesses grow in the digital market with the following:


► Brand Design 

► Social Media Management 


► Email & Text Marketing 

► Stunning Websites 

► Video Story Boards


Please note by requesting to connect with me you are happy for me to email you about my services and update you on all things digital and growth.