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Professional Domestic Ironing Service; Decreasing your Ironing - Increasing your Leisure!

We collect daily around the Stafford Stone Trent Vale areas (by rota) The A34 corridor providing the link to our customers.

We pride ourselves on being a professional accountable service. All garments are counted and categorised and returned on an itemised billing system to our clients.

Our collections and deliveries are returned, in the majority, on the same day - without extra charge.

We have 21 years of experience and provide a service you can rely on!

A business built on recommendation!

About Gill Knight

Hi i'm Gill

I'm that sad person who actually enjoys ironing! Hence setting up my company - THE SMOOTHING IRON.

Originally trained as a medical photographer, but then on getting married we took over a small business selling motor spares. Our next challenge in 1986 was being part of a self build group. My husband with the assistance of our fellow self builders and now neighbours, completed 10 four bedroom detached homes - where we still live.

From our new home i needed to become employed, so i set up THE SMOOTHING IRON; to help those who hate/can't be bothered/have no time to IRON.

( If you know of such a person in this area- don't forget to tell them about us! )

We have been in business now for 22 years, i have 12 staff and we iron between 9,000 and 11,000 garments per month. Since i have been keeping records (1992) we have ironed 1,897,072 garments!

I'm Gill fron THE SMOOTHING IRON and we take the wrinkles out of almost everything!

For Increased leisure and decreased ironing Call us!