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A bit about me… I am Sales Manager for Go South Coast which is the parent company for coaching brands such as Marchwood Motorways, Damory Coaches, Lever Coaches, Kingston Coaches, Tourist Coaches and Bells Coaches and bus brands such as Wilts & Dorset, Blue Star and Southern Vectis. A real advantage of having the melting pot of coach companies is not only am I able to get quotes from all of them to ensure that the prices we give are the best and most competitive but I also have a range of vehicles from 16 seats up to 86 seats so it will ensure the most suitable vehicle is assigned to you and your needs.

I deal with both the coaching and bus sides of the business, with respect to the coaches I am looking to grow our private hire, corporate contracts, day trip and touring holidays's along with breaking into the wedding market, team building and conferencing events with the purpose of providing a fantastic transport solution to anyone who uses us. We are just launching hen and stag weekends and we are very excited to be having some vehicles made over by an interior designer to suit this market, we are also well connected in the area so if you need help planning a Christmas party or another event, we can assist with advice, recommendations and even booking as well as providing the glue to hold it all together with our coaches. I also deal with the bus side of the company where I am charged with promoting The New Forest Tour, which if you are interested in promoting then you have a chance to earn 10% commission, and also raising the profile specifically of Wilts & Dorset, and business that would be of interest here would be companies wanting to implement green travel plans into their companies and we can work closely to find a suitable solution.
We are doing a lot of work with local charities such as Julia's House, The Honeypot Charity and The Star Appeal, events such as The Great Dorset Steam Fair where we are supplying additional travel options for locals and tourists to the venue, we are main sponsors of The Air Festival, we are used by the NHS, colleges, shooting clubs, tour operators and also corporate clients like the cruise industry out of Southampton Docks,
Specific referrals I would currently benefit from are;
  • Hotels in the New Forest
  • Hotels in Bournemouth
  • Hotels in Poole
  • Printers (I need to cost up literature and brochures for our major re brand)
  • Hen & Stag party organizers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Companies with more than 8 employees looking to implement green travel
  • Event organizers
  • Someone who makes point of sale merchandise
  • Businesses who would like to earn commission on tickets sales
If you think of anything that we could do to mutually benefit each other then please let me know, all ideas are gratefully received!
About Vicky Williams

Hi, I'm Vicky Williams and I'm Sales Manager for Go South Coast,

So a bit about me... oh er where do I start! I am married, 26, have two cats and live in Verwood. I started my work life in insurance at the tender age of 17 and since then have worked in either Banking, Insurance or Finance with a big chunk of my time being dedicated to Barclays and more recently as Sales Manager for a Health Insurance Broker.

I made the decison this New Years that I would choose to either break away (while I was still young enough!) or be stuck in that industry for the rest of my life, decisions, decisions! My job search was incredibly specific, I wanted to be out meeting people, I wanted to break away from the regulation (red tape!!!) of Banking & Finance, I wanted to manage my own diary, I wanted to get involved in projects I was passionate about being event organising, charity stuff to name but two things, I wanted to be able to full explore ideas and I wanted to be as close to self employed but without the risk,

On valentines day this year I got a call regarding this job... when people ask me do I like my job I can hand on heart say I've never been happier, the company exude ethics and whilst it sometimes could be said the ways of working are old fashioned, I like the values that they give, I love hearing the stories of how they go out of their way to help people and I am proud to be associated with them!

So that's me up to now, each day is different and I am up for any challenge that people want to throw at me - I'm in at the deep end, noone's done my role as of yet so I have a lot to prove but I think I should be able to build some lasting relationships along the way as well!